Mar 06, 2013 · How to setup ibDNS on Xbox 360 Go to Settings, System, Network Settings Select Configure Network, DNS Settings, Manual, Primary DNS Server Type in the ibDNS IP: then press Done You need to change numbers of DNS servers on your device. Setup Smart DNS on XBOX 360. Setting up HideIPVPN SmartDNS service on Xbox 360 is very simple (please be advised, that you will get instant effect for all your devices by changing DNS servers on your home router). In case you still want to change it on your Xbox follow these instructions. 1. Power ON your Xbox 360 and configure the IP Address Settings. For more information on how to configure the IP Address Settings on your Xbox 360, click here. NOTE: The Domain Name Server (DNS) is the IP Address of your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) server, which translates the names of websites into IP Addresses. If any Canadians out there want American Netflix on their Xbox, change your DNS settings to the following: Primary DNS server: Secondary DNS server: Hey guys! So I'm Canadian, and I have manual primary and secondary DNS settings set so I can get American Netflix on my Xbox. xbox one/360: warpedberry1971 ps4: gt: deadlysnipezmw3 ps3: gt: deadlysnipezmw3 ­­ gta big dns money lobby. also i use godmode.. 100% money lobby next 1-2 hours!! comment below & like video & also add my twitter to keep up to date on my money lobbies 😀 ­­ gta 5 online – cash drop/dns money lobbies return!

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The first step would to be to try Automatic DNS Settings. From the XBOX 360 Dashboard press the Guide Button on your controller. Go all the way to the right to the … How to set up Smart DNS on XBOX 360 | SmartyDNS How to set up Smart DNS on XBOX 360. This tutorial will show you how to set up Smart DNS on XBOX 360 using the SmartyDNS services. If you don’t have a SmartyDNS account, you can try our services for free for 3 days.. Here are the steps you should follow:

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Mar 27, 2019 DNS Failed on Xbox 360 Live Test |Xbox 360 Problems - Xbox Mar 02, 2007 Setup Smart DNS for Xbox 360 - Getflix Configure DNS The DNS settings listedon the Overview page can be input to your router, for the entire network, or directly to your Xbox 360 through Settings > Network > Wired/Wireless Connection > Configure Network > DNS Server. You won’t need to change the DNS settings on your Xbox 360 if you have already done so via your router. How to set up a static IP address on your Xbox 360 First you need to find out what DNS servers your Xbox 360 should be set to. The easiest way to do this is to give your ISP a call. They will probably ask you why you need them. Tell them the truth, your Xbox 360 is requesting them. They should give you two IP addresses, one for the primary DNS server and one for the secondary DNS server.