Next, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen and then tap on the AirPlay Mirroring option in the slide-up menu that appears (See image below). 3. Allow your iPhone to search for and list your Apple TV. 4. Next, tap on your Apple TV to start Mirroring the screen of your iPhone on to the larger screen of your Home TV.

Apr 02, 2020 How to Use Apple TV With an iPad - Lifewire May 07, 2020 How to Connect an Apple TV to a PC | Techwalla With Apple TV and iTunes, you can stream your digital media collection from a PC to an HDTV. If you only want to stream audio and video that you own to your TV, iTunes handles this job perfectly. However, to mirror your PC's display on your TV, you must install third-party software similar to Apple… How to connect apple TV to TV with HDMI!! - New apple TV

Apr 02, 2020

Teach Your Apple TV The New Remote. For this tutorial you’ll need three things: the stock remote for your Apple TV, the IR remote you wish to program your Apple TV to recognize, and a clear and unobstructed view to the front of the Apple TV unit (where the IR receiver is hidden beneath the glossy black surface of the Apple TV).

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Fire up your Apple TV and head to the App Store. It's the blue icon with the sticks shaped to form an "A." 2. As of this writing, it's easy to find YouTube TV. (Notice that big black banner ad.) I’m trying to hook up Apple TV. I have Dish satellite I’m trying to hook up Apple TV . I have Dish satellite connected on one HDMI Port and the Apple on the other HDMI Port but the tv isn’t seeing the Apple tv. Technician's Assistant: What's the exact make and model of your television? And what have you tried as far as getting this connected goes? The make is Samsung and the model is un32eh4003vxza How to Connect Apple TV to an Old Analog TV - Technipages