sudo is configured through the file /etc/sudoers. Like with most Linux configuration files, any text following a pound sign in the sudoers file is a comment. Within the sudoers file, sets of commands, groups of users, and associate users or groups with command sets can be configured.

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Nov 29, 2017

How to Control sudo Access on Linux

Linux Sudo Command Tutorial with Examples To Get Root Linux sudo command is used to give root privileges to the normal users ./etc/sudoers file is used for configuration of sudo .Sudoers file provides the users who can run sudo command.Sudoers also used to limit the commands the user can run. Run Command With Sudo. Sudo command will accept given command and look to the sudoers file. A beginner's guide to understanding sudo on Ubuntu Use sudo with specific limitations on lp to do that. Or perhaps a developer needs access to 1 specific log file. Don't give her generic sudo - provide limited sudo that shows only the logfile or a grep of the log file. Also, sudo can be setup to prevent those using an editor from shelling out … How do I log into file browser with sudo? Mar 03, 2006