How to watch American netflix as a Canadian with a PS3

Try That's what I use and they offer a 30 day trial, just need an email to sign up with. I use it on my Shield to access BBC iPlayer and ITV (through the … How to Watch Live London 2012 Olympics via BBC iPlayer Aug 06, 2012 How to watch Netflix USA from the UK • How-Tos

London DNS server is currently experiencing some issues. Please change your DNS settings to Ireland until London is restored.

Configuration is relatively easy, all you need to do is set the UnoTelly DNS servers as the main DNS servers. Quite a few routers can be found in the well written setup guides offered by UnoTelly . This works great for routers that allow you to set the preferred DNS, for example for OpenDNS , or Google DNS . Unblocked websites you will be able to access using our Smart DNS service. On the same page you will find a list of supported OS and devices.

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Update: Last night I got UnoTelly set up and managed to set up a Netflix account successfully, which works but only on my PC. I set my primary router (Duoplus) with the Unotelly DNS's, as advised United Kingdom DNS Servers. Following is the list of all DNS servers of United Kingdom available in our database. Click any ISP to view its DNS servers present in the different locations and their IP addresses for use in your network or computer. All the provided DNS servers are public DNS servers and not in any way affiliated with