China's anti-India move blocked by USA, Germany at UNSC In what is being seen as a sign of global displeasure against China and Pakistan, USA and Germany blocked China's anti-India move at United

Aug 22, 2019 Wikipedia blocked in China in all languages - BBC News May 14, 2019 China reportedly blocks access to US news sites - CNET The Great Firewall of China already bars citizens from accessing non-Chinese social media sources including Facebook, Google, Gmail, Twitter and Microsoft's Bing, and last month China also blocked US blocks UN resolution on coronavirus ceasefire after May 09, 2020

Wikipedia blocked in China in all languages - BBC News

May 11, 2020 · McCarthy Surprises Levin, Says Pelosi Has Blocked Bipartisan China Investigation Committee By Jeff Reynolds May 11, 2020 3:08 PM EST Share Tweet Email Comments Mar 01, 2020 · Muge_Niu/Twitter AO3 appears to be blocked in China. Comparitech Chinese censors have been preparing for new, tighter restrictions on the type of content considered acceptable to post online .

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Twitter is blocked in China, here’s how to access it? Twitter was first blocked in China in 2009. This was preceded by a number of riots in the western capital of the Xinjiang province, Urumqi. Minority Muslim activists reportedly used Twitter and Facebook to communicate and organize the riots. Is ZOOM blocked in China? - Quora Another update: June 2020 Only users of professional accounts can hold meetings and free users can easily join them. Free users can NOT create meetings, but can only join meetings set up by others. Now it’s working again…this answer will have to c