Open the Snapchat app. This is the white ghost icon on a yellow background. If you aren't signed …

How to Delete Snap from Our Story on iPhone or Android. You can delete Locked from Our Story by following the method above. There are also additional ways. Let’s look at it now. Open Snapchat on your mobile. Tap your profile icon from the top left. Tap the Settings icon from the top right. Scroll down and tap on Our Story Snaps. Tap the You Can Now Delete a Snapchat Message After Sending It Jun 11, 2018 How To Unsend Messages On Snapchat | TechUntold

Nov 30, 2019

Jan 12, 2019 Learn how to hide Snapchat score -

No, deleting your Snapchat app wouldn’t erase unopened snaps. The only sure fire way to erase those unopened snaps, presumably sent by yourself, would be to delete your account. This is obviously a pretty drastic move. 54.6K views

How to Delete Snapchat Messages (Workable in 2020) How to Erase Saved Snapchat Messages. If you don’t want to save the messages you had with your … [2020] How to Delete Snapchat Picture on iPhone - 3 Simple Why You Should Delete Snapchat Pictures? Even through they claimed that Snapchat images self … How to delete a Snap from your Snapchat story Oct 07, 2019