Jun 10, 2015 · Taking Apple TV with your extended family vacation is really good one. Mostly hotel Televisions are really annoying. On-demand movie rentals are limited and pricey. If your Hotel room have a free WiFi with Flat screen (It must have HDMI input), you can use your Apple TV with hotel television. Reason behind this guide But Apple TV does not have

Enjoy all the top-rated prime-time TV shows, live sports, and news — from leading cable providers — on demand right in the Apple TV app. Apple TV+ streams critically acclaimed Apple Original shows and movies, only on the Apple TV app. Can you use Apple TV with a hotspot? | AnswersDrive Oct 02, 2019 Apple TV and IPad airplay mirroring WITHOUT an internet

Apple TV and IPad airplay mirroring WITHOUT an internet

Yes, thanks to YouTube TV launching an Apple TV app on Feb. 1, 2018, YouTube TV's live (and Cloud DVR-recorded) content can now be seen on that over-the-top box without forcing you to jump through How to Reduce the Amount of Data Your Apple TV Consumes Aug 18, 2016 How do I run apple tv in a place with no internet

Jul 10, 2018 · That is so you can still access the internet on the portable device which you then mirror to the Apple TV over P2P Airplay. I had to remove the Apple TVs from the business environment I manage because users are so often conducting a video meeting via Zoom on their laptop which they streamed to the meeting room Apple TV via P2P.

Jul 01, 2020 · Apple TV also gives you access to Siri and can become a base station for HomeKit. The remote includes a Siri button, allowing you to control your TV by voice. You can also use the Siri-like functionality for requests such as telling you the actors in a specific movie or asking it to display movies from a specific genre, actor, or director. Unlike the post you found, however, it can be done much more easily with a MacBook and without much jujitsu. First get the MAC address of the Apple TV (available in Settings) and shut it down. Then run the following in Mac's terminal app, replacing the MAC address shown with that of your Apple TV: sudo ifconfig en0 ether 98:01:a7:a1:f6:77.