Writing drivers for the Linux Crypto subsystem

crypto(3): Crypto Functions - Linux man page crypto(3) - Linux man page Name crypto - Crypto Functions Description. This module provides a set of cryptographic functions. Mpints are used in some of the functions in crypto and are not translated in the API for performance reasons. rand_bytes(N) -> binary() Types: N = integer() The Hidden World of Crypto - The Linux Cryptography API Mar 22, 2017 List of Simple APIs for Crypto Developers | Cryptomorrow Apr 04, 2019 crypto.h - include/linux/crypto.h - Linux source code (v5

The kernel Crypto API? I Generic in-kernel transformation API I Can do Cipher, Hash, Compress, RNG, I Used by: I Network stack: IPsec, I Device Mapper: dm-crypt, RAID, I AF ALG and thus possibly userland Therefore, you want your drivers to be well written. Marek Va sut Writing drivers for the Linux Crypto subsystem

a common API for these algorithms a test harness and benchmarking routines liboqs is part of the Open Quantum Safe (OQS) project led by Douglas Stebila and Michele Mosca , which aims to develop and integrate into applications quantum-safe cryptography to … The Linux Crypto API: Exending and Using (RU) | Henadzi

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The Linux Kernel Cryptographic API - WordPress.com The Linux Kernel Cryptographic API file:///tmp/6451 3 of 5 11/09/2007 11:55 PM The cryptographic API uses scatterlists to operate on arrays of discontiguous page vectors. The primary purpose of scatter-gather in the kernel is to avoid unnecessary copying of data. It also seems to result in cleaner code. Crypt C# API download | SourceForge.net Download Crypt C# API for free. CryptAPI is a C# library that contains unimplemented algorithms in the .NET framework (NT, NTLM, BlowFish, DES and MD5) linking and emulating the crypt() unix function re-programmed in C#. The main purpose is to provide backward compatiblity. Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) - VMware VMware's IKE Crypto Module v1.1.0: The VMware's IKE Crypto Module v1.1.0 is a general-purpose cryptographic module that provides FIPS-Approved cryptographic functions and services to various VMware's products and components. View Certificate #3435 (April 2019) View Security Policy BC-FJA (Bouncy Castle FIPS Java API): JavaMail Cryptography API download | SourceForge.net