DD-WRT is Linux-based and is most popular for a firmware replacement you can flash onto wireless routers. But the project also offers an X86 version that you can install onto PCs. This is great if you don't have or want to track down a compatible router. It also lets you exceed the usual 8 to 64 MBs of RAM and slow CPU in the consumer-level

How to : Configure Ubuntu as a Router ~ Your Own Linux..! Jul 27, 2013 Make Your Linux Machine a Virtual Router - Linux.com May 03, 2014 The 15+ Linux Firewall Software For Protecting Your Linux Plesk is a firewall software that enables protection to a private network by following some rules implemented in the firewall software. Users can customize the settings of default rules or change the rules according to their needs. This Linux firewall software checks traffic accessing the network and decides if it can have a pass or not. How to Make Your Linux Machine a Virtual Router from

Aug 31, 2016 · The routing table in Figure 2 below is a bit more complex because it belongs to a Linux host acting as a router that connects to three networks, one of which leads to the Internet. The local class C networks, on interface eth1, on eth2, each have entries in the table, as well as the default route that leads to the rest of the world on eth0.

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Unusual access | DSLReports, ISP Information News: Router lockups have been a problem for me ever since I got my first 802.11G Router in 2004. Since then, we've seen companies roll out supposed "e;power user"e; routers or routers Configure Linux as a Router Jan 04, 2013