Jun 28, 2016

Sell Server Hard Drives or Desktop and Laptop Hard Drives. Our over 50 years of experience has fully prepared us to provide the best security in the industry. We follow a meticulous process of data destruction that complies with NIST standards. We uses secure eraser techniques and provide a certificate of data destruction with every purchase. Hard Drive shipping, Packing, and Logistics Sell Us Your Used Hard Drives - We Buy Used Memory Not only do we buy used memory but used hard drives too! Sell used hard drives for top dollar with our simple buyback program. Sell used hard drives both HDDs and SSDs from all manufacturers and sizes. We also offer hard drive destruction services to guarantee data security on your used hard drives. Is It Safe To Sell Used Hard Drives As Second Hand Jan 16, 2020

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Send us the details about your Hard Drives and get a maximum offer. We are always looking to buy large quantities of used Hard Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD), and External Drives. Since 1965, we have simplified the process of selling used hard drives. Join us in generating a return on your excess and old hard drives. Sell Computers Storage Devices Hard Drives OEM Liquidation Sell us your hard drive inventory. We erase sensitive data & wipe your hard drives clean. Golden Surplus wholesale liquidators of Seagate hard drives, Quantum hard drives, Maxtor hard drives, Western Digital hard drives, Hitachi hard drives, Fujitsu hard drives, IBM hard drives, pulled, used, and refurbished storage solutions and backup media.

Sell Computers Storage Devices Hard Drives OEM Liquidation

Jun 28, 2016 DISI - We Buy And Sell Computer Hard Drives - DISI - We DISI's Hard Drive Recycling Program is changing the world! Preventing waste conserves resources, reduces pollution and is an effective alternative in ASSET RECOVERY. We also ensure that any nonworking drives are recycled in an environmentally proper manner. Current Pricing | Cash for Computer Scrap $0.60 Hard Drives Complete $0.35 Hard Drives Complete (Bent, Punched, Crushed - NOT Shredded) $0.20 Hard Drives w/o Boards $0.22 Power Supply w/ Wire $0.17 Power Supply w/o Wire $0.18 Mixed Floppy/CD/DVD Drives. OTHER ITEMS PRICE/LB MATERIAL $1.15 Laptops Complete $0.75 Incomplete laptops (Must have Motherboard) $0.15 AC Adapter w/ Wire