A DMZ is an optional and moresecure approach to a firewall and effectively acts as a proxyserver as well. In a typical DMZ configuration for a small company, a separatecomputer (or host in network terms) receives requests from userswithin the private network for access to Web sites or othercompanies accessible on the public network.

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What is a DMZ and how to configure DMZ host?

The DMZ zone is an area of your local (home or corporate) network that is accessible from the outside (internet). Typically, in home router there is a configuration that allows you to specify which computer (IP) is in the DMZ and the router will forward requests from the internet to that computer. DMZs for dummies | ZDNet May 09, 2001

What is DMZ - Demilitarized Zone? Webopedia Definition

Step 5 – Unselect the “Default DMZ Server” menu option followed by clicking the “Apply” menu option. Step 6 – Exit from the Netgear router configuration panel and the DMZ will be disabled. Belkin DMZ Step 1 – Connect a computer to the Belkin router using an Ethernet cable. What is a Perimeter Server - IBM A perimeter server is a software tool for communications management that can be installed in a DMZ. The perimeter server manages the communications flow between outer layers of your network and the TCP-based transport adapters. A perimeter server can solve problems with network congestion, security, and scalability, especially in high-volume, Internet-gateway environments.